The Self-isolation Beauty Routine

The Self-Isolation Beauty Routine

Self-isolation is not a choice but it is a duty for all of us who can. If you are lucky enough to be able to work or study from home, you can use this time to reinvent your makeup and beauty routine.

I know that it can be hard! And I am just like you! Some days it just feels impossible to find the motivation to follow a beauty routine…However, even if I struggle, I try and do something for myself and my wellbeing. I don’t consider it to be a chore but a way to pick me up and take care of myself.

I hope to cheer you up with some at home beauty and makeup tips and ideas.


Project panning

Buying online can be trickier these days as orders and goods take longer to be produced and get shipped. Don’t panic though! I am pretty confident that most of us have a makeup collection that could last for decades 😛 For this reason, this could be a perfect time to start a project pan project. For all the details on how to do it, check my last blog posts.

Try new (crazy) looks

I can imagine that plenty of us are keeping their makeup routine to a bare minimum. Just some concealer, eyebrows, blush and mascara…in order to look polished if you have an online meeting or phone call. And this makes perfect sense during the week. But what about the weekend? Even if we are stuck at home, we can try some new looks. In my opinion, this is the perfect time to take out of your drawer that colourful palette and try some new color combos. Those neon colors are waiting to be used!

Master your skills

Yes, I am talking to you 🙂 I can see that you have been avoiding eyeliner or a cut crease look because it scares you. But there is nothing to be afraid of. Every technique can be declined into several looks, from a more appropriate day time one to a more complicated night look. After all, all you need to do is to start small. If you have never done a cut crease look before, don’t despair if you don’t have it perfect the first time. On the contrary, use this time at home to try new techniques or to master new ones! Make your self-isolation beauty routine into a time to experiment!

Use up products that you don’t like

I have this weird thing: I often use products from my collection that I don’t enjoy that much because I don’t want to “waste” my favorites. I sort of want to make sure to have them when That special event comes! If you do use your favorite products on a daily basis, you can make use of these isolation weeks to use products that you have neglected. After all, who knows… maybe you will end up finding a new unexpected favorite product!


A mask a day keeps the doctor away

Face masks are a must in your self-isolation beauty routine. You can prepare them at home or you can buy them – either way, they are a (fun) step that you cannot skip. However, some masks can be harsh on the skin if applied every day. Try and keep a good balance by rotating a few different kinds of face masks: moisturizing, anti-aging, for bright skin, for clear skin etc. Remember to always have at least one or a couple of mask- free day(s) too.

Oil treatment for hair

This is a practise that I have been doing for years. However, as the oil needs to sit in your hair for a couple of hours for best results, I used to do it once every few weeks only. But now that we are at home, I can take care of my hair more often! The important thing is to find the right oil for your hair type. You can use any type of oil: coconut, olive, avocado, castor, almond…and the list goes on. To apply your oil of choice, first slightly damp your hair and then massage the oil in your scalp, hair and tips. Wrap your hair with a warm cloth or towel and leave the oil for at least 30 mins. Then wash your hair as per usual.

Mani-pedi spa day

Open your phone calendar and set a weekly appointment for your mani-pedi. Even if you will not go out, you can “fake” your own salon home appointment. A self-isolation beauty routine on point! My favorite part of a manicure is the hand massage: I have Literally fallen asleep a couple of times in the past:P In the same way, don’t skip the massage, scrub or cream steps and spoil your hands and feet just like in a real salon!

In conclusion, I hope that I have inspired you despite the difficult times we are living in. Your self-isolation beauty routine can be a moment for you to recharge and disconnect from the outside world, which is extremely important right now.

How are you coping? Do you still follow a makeup or beauty routine? Have you changed it? Let me know in the comments below xoxo

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