How The Makeup Guide Can Help You Reach Your Project Pan Goals

How the Makeup Guide Can Help You Reach Your Project Pan Goals

Have you already set your project pan goals for this year? Are you feeling stuck and regretting to have started a project pan? This blog post will help you renew your commitment!

Project panning could not be any more relevant these days when we have to stay at home. We can finally focus on our makeup collection that we have built during the years!

If you want to know how the Makeup Guide can contribute to reignite your makeup passion, so that you don’t slide back into your old purchasing habits, keep reading 🙂

A brief history of project pan

Project pan has been around for quite a while now and, every year more and more people decide to try this sort of “experiment”. In a nutshell, a project pan consists of setting the goal to finish a certain number of beauty products within a specific timeframe. Despite doing some research, I was not able to find who actually invented this method. If you know more, please feel free to let me know in the comments below 🙂

Even though it started as a small movement, over the years project panning has gained popularity. We can find plenty of videos or blog posts of people who are following this method and pretty successfully I would add. Usually project pan goes hand in hand with a “no-buy” approach, even though the two things are not “officially” related. As we don’t have any official “guidelines”, we can create our own rules and set our own project pan goals.

How to set your project pan goals

Let’s go back to my definition: a project pan consists of setting the goal to finish a certain number of beauty products within a specific timeframe. And that’s it! The first thing you need to do is to decide:

  1. how many beauty products you want to finish
  2. how much time you will give yourself to finish them

But now, you might be wondering, and rightfully!, how do I decide on these two numbers?

  1. Remember to be realistic. Your goals need to be feasible and be compatible with your lifestyle and personality. If you hate the color green, and you want to commit to finish that forest green eyeshadow that has been lying around for ages, you might set yourself for failure. Choose a wide variety of different products that you are likely to use, and throw in some that can represent instead a challenge.
  2. Keep a realistic timeframe too. If you are a newbie, I would recommend that you plan a longer timeframe, for example six months to one year. I will not lie and say that it can get pretty discouraging at times. That is why a long period of time is highly recommended.

Here you are a few ideas on how to set your project pan goals:

20 in 2020

A very popular approach is to pan x number of products according to the year we are in. However, if you have been doing project planning for some time, you might have already done it in the past.

Rolling Project Pan

You start by choosing an initial group of products and when you finish one, you replace it with another one. In so doing, the project pan continues forever!

Project (X Number) Pan

This is a very easy one where you decide on a number that you want to reach. Some people take this challenge to the next level and do a Project 100 Pans!

Project Pan Roulette

Split your makeup collection in categories. You can do generic ones like eyeshadow palettes or lipsticks or specific ones like neutral palettes, red lipsticks etc. Then, you assign a number to each product and you let the fate or better a random software program decide what products to pan. You can also put the products in a bag and simply pick them 🙂

Themed Project Pan

Decide on a theme and choose products in your collection that are related to that specific theme. E.g.: color themes, season themes, movie themes…Here the imagination can truly run wild!

How to spice it up with the Makeup Guide!

Have you started your project pan journey and you are already overwhelmed? You have been doing it for some time now and you feel stuck? Fear not! I’ll come to the rescue 🙂

A source of endless makeup inspiration

One of the most common challenges when it comes to pan an eyeshadow palette is finding new looks. No matter what level you are, some days you just feel stuck in a makeup rut and it is totally normal. The Makeup Guide is the perfect solution to spice up your makeup routine and reignite the flame of your makeup passion. You can think of the Makeup Guide as a portable makeup library that helps beauty lovers with their makeup look inspiration.

  • New eye makeup shapes and styles. With 32+ day and night looks and 8 styles, you can experiment with new looks and find the looks that suit your personality best!
  • Same look – different colors. Each look has a variation – you can replicate the looks with the colors your prefer!

Consume less and create more

The urge to buy can be hard to fight…As we are bombarded with ads, we feel the desire to buy more and more and we end up in a vicious purchasing circle. The Makeup Guide will help you (re)discover the makeup products in your makeup collection. With just one palette, eyeshadow or even eye pencil, you can create thousands of looks! Not only! Every product can be used for different purposes too…

Are you ready to set your project pan goals? Join a community where makeup techniques and tips is what we love to talk about. I am waiting for you 🙂 If you want to know more about the Makeup Guide, check out my other blog posts🙂

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