What Is The Makeup Guide?

What is the Makeup Guide?

First of all, welcome! I am glad to find you here 🙂 If you are wondering what the Makeup Guide is, I hope to give you a comprehensive overview of what you can expect from it! If you want to know more about the behind the scenes of the Makeup Guide, check out the blog post "The Makeup Guide - The Making of”. In the meantime, let’s find out how the Makeup Guide works!

The Makeup Guide

The Makeup Guide is your next best source for all things to do with makeup. A one-stop place where you can find not only educational content but also your daily source of makeup inspiration. The goal of this book is to encourage you to try out different makeup styles and to find out what makeup look suits your unique features and taste best.

In the Makeup Guide you will find two main sections.

  1. In the first section, you will discover all the secrets behind a perfect base routine, find out how to apply your eye make up, and learn the basics of how to use your favorite lip products. Be ready to be captivated by its unique content!
  2. The second part is the answer to one of the biggest questions that we ask ourselves every day: what makeup should I wear today 🙂 ? If you are lacking inspiration or if you are a beginner and  don’t know where to start, the Makeup Plan has got your back!

Sometimes we might get a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information that we take in every day, but this Makeup Guide has been thought out carefully in order to streamline your everyday makeup experience. Getting ready has never been easier: you can just relax and and enjoy the ride!

The Makeup Plan

Our motto – “Plan your makeup inspiration” – says it all!

The Makeup Plan is a sort of makeup library where you can find your daily looks – a collection of 30 pictorials for your everyday use. You will find 8 styles (1 – Basics, 2- Basics Advanced, 3 – Winged Liner, 4 – V Shape, 5 – Smokey, 6 – Ombre, 7 – Halo, 8 – Cut crease) and 4 looks for each style:

8 styles x 3 looks = 24 + 8 intense looks = 32 looks all available in one platform!

And it doesn’t stop there! The looks offer several variations too, making your makeup possibilities almost endless! Once a week (or more!) you can replicate a look and try out a different variation.

The Makeup Tracker Charts

To help you keep track of the looks, the Makeup Tracker Chart is here for you :). Print out this bullet journal-friendly chart and follow along! You can use the chart to note down dates, thoughts, colors and more. If you want to remember what makeup look you recreated, this chart is just perfect! You will no longer forget that makeup look that suited you so well!

If you are busy and cannot follow along on a daily basis or have to skip a few days, the makeup tracker chart will also be of great assistance.

Why the Makeup Guide?

The Makeup Guide can be that one stop solution you were looking for. Have you ever opened your eyeshadow palette and thought: what do I do now?! If you are familiar with this feeling and have ended up doing the same look over and over and are looking to liven things up a bit, the Makeup Guide has plenty of looks that are easy to replicate.

Are you ready to spice up your makeup life? Or do you want to start with makeup and don’t know where or how? The educational content of this guide will give you a head start and will be fun to read!

The Makeup Guide will not only be your next favorite book for all things makeup-related; it will also bring you closer to a positive beauty community, where the only goal is to support and encourage each other. You can post your looks on Instagram and share them with the community. Feel free to tag us if you would like to be featured on our page.

And here we are! I hope you are just as excited as we are! If you feel like you have reached a makeup rut, the Makeup Guide can definitely help you out. You will be pleasantly surprised by the accessible and friendly Makeup Plan which will make your makeup experience easier.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments section below. I will be happy to address them in a future post! And make sure you follow us on Instagram to join a positive makeup community 🙂

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