Is The Makeup Guide For All Skin Tones?

Is The Makeup Guide For All Skin Tones?

You do not need to read the entire blog post to know the answer if you do not wish to. In a nutshell: YES! The Makeup Guide serves EVERYONE. No matter what your skin tone or undertone is. No matter what your color preferences are and also no matter what your eye shape is. This revolutionary makeup guide has been thought to be able to serve anyone. How is it possible? Let’s find out.

An original idea

My original Makeup Plan idea was a combination of three factors.

Outside inspiration: It was the beginning of summer, I do remember that, and I was bombarded by meal and fitness planning content online. I was probably talking to my boyfriend and said: “I wonder if and how this would work with makeup…”. Can anyone plan their makeup like you plan your weekly meals?

Inside inspiration: Before planning was a thing, I think I had this sort of idea inside of me already… I still vividly remember thinking about doing a yearly Youtube video series by trying any look and color combination under the sun. I wanted to create a plan to categorise the different variations: eg.: blue eyeliner, black eyeliner and so on. 

Organisation love: I love structure and being organised. I would not define myself as an organisation freak, but I still love to have some of my affairs in order which allows me to release the mental load that, probably as a woman, I always carry around.

In the process of all of this, the idea finally hit me and the Makeup Plan was born: a simple, structured tool that could allow people to experiment with makeup on a daily basis!

Focus on the techniques

It did take me some time to find a formula that would work seamlessly and when I did I was ecstatic! My goal was to create a single platform where you could experiment to find the makeup looks that work best for your unique features and preferences. The formula was simply: focus on shapes and not colors. 

Although it is absolutely true that certain looks and colors will suit certain features better, I knew that I had to step aside from that concept and explore a new one. 

Everyone has anyway a different makeup collection and the colors that we own can vary quite a bit. 

The Makeup Plan has 8 weeks and each week corresponds to a specific Style. Each Style can be declined into several looks (from day to night looks and in between). For example, when we talk about the “Eyeliner” style, you can draw your wing in many different ways, hence many different looks. 

How to customise the Plan

To make this process smoother, I have given two practical tools to my book, that you can use to make the looks work for you any time: 

Tracker charts

To help you keep track of the looks, the Makeup Tracker Chart is the tool for you. From the ebook version, you can print out these bullet journal-friendly charts and follow along! These are sort of blank pages with instructions, that you can use to note down dates, thoughts, colors and more. If you are intentional with your makeup plan and want to use several color combinations, the Tracker Chart is a powerful and simply tool to customise your looks and as the name suggests, to keep track of how you are doing it.


The Variations are probably the best self explanatory tool. For each look, you can find step by step instructions, and I demonstrate one “color story” into details. However, I have then proceeded and recreated all the daily looks with alternative color stories. For example, for the #monochromaticsmokey you will find a burgundy step by step look. In the variations though, you will find a recreation with browns shades. Not only! If neither of these two looks work for you, I have a small chart with further color combination suggestions for you to try.

I have been very conscious in demonstrating along the book a right amount of cool, warm and medium looks. But as said, you can redo any look and transform it into its cool or warm variation according to your skin tone, preferences and seasons of the year. 


To sum up, I have given a lot of thought and care to create a tool that would work for everyone and I am confident that my original solution will make you fall in love with experimenting with makeup and give you a whole new perspective on what a makeup routine can be. 

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