Latte, Espresso, Moka Makeup: All the Coffee Makeup Flavours!

Latte, Espresso, Moka Makeup: All the Coffee Makeup Flavours!

Not only can you recycle coffee pods but also coffee looks :) Just like the best green coffee brands that sell recyclable coffee pods, the internet has reinvented itself once again and today the Beauty community has made the term “Latte Makeup” super popular...

An "old" summer trend

A pinch of sarcasm? maybe…but you know me, I actually welcome and love every trend that gets the beauty community excited about makeup again, myself included! As every summer I was expecting to be delivered with a load of peaches and specks of golds. I would have never thought that a most appropriate fall coffee-flavored makeup look would conquer the summer of 2023. And I am here for it!

It does make sense that a bronze makeup look becomes popular during summer again, but I cannot help it: whenever I think about coffee my mind goes straight to fall and winter!

Once upon a time, we used to call it a monochromatic makeup look or a matte smokey makeup look. 2023 is bringing us a new term, specifically “latte” or even “espresso” and “moka”. All these words simply describe a brown monochromatic look that suits every skin tone. 

The Latte Makeup Steps

What are then the rules and the steps of this popular look?


  • It must be brown. According to your skin tone and your preferences, you must use all brown shades. A latte makeup might be more appropriate for lighter skin tones, while darker complexions will probably opt for some espresso shades. However, according to the pigmentation of your eyeshadow palettes and the undertones, brown colors can be pretty interchangeable across skin tones.


  • Undertone: yellow. The undertones for your bronzer and contour should be yellow. They key here is to have a soft warm monochromatic look. However if you are a fan of pink and red bronzers you might want to switch to a cool latte makeup? Why not?


  • The short answer is that shimmer is not a main feature of this look. Shimmer is allowed on the mobile lid only and actually better if it is a satin color. The skin and the lips should stay relatively shine-free. A fresh glow is allowed but a shimmery highlighter is off the table this time.


  • Here brown, again. Put aside your nudes, reds and pinks and use a brown lipstick. You do not own one? What about a brown or neutral lip pencil then? You can then pair it with a clear gloss.

My Makeup Guide Latte Looks

In my Makeup Guide, you can find several versions of a latter makeup look! They are not called “latte makeup” of course but the steps are similar. Here is my suggestions on how to customise my Makeup Guide looks to create your own latte makeup. 

In week 1, the first look #onecoloreyes is a monochromatic look with one eyeshadow only. Swap my shade of choice for a satin bronze one for a quick and trendy look. 

Always in week 1, the night look is called #editorialeyes  and it is perfect for an elegant and more elaborated coffee look. 

In week 5, my #monochromaticsmokey is a sultry look that requires three shades of the same color: perfect to recreate a latte makeup look if you swap my burgundy colors of choice with matte browns instead.

To sum it up, I cannot wait to experiment with this new makeup trend. Have you tried this look already? What are your thoughts? I believe that rebranding old looks is actually fun and allows people to add new looks in their arsenal that might have been forgotten for a while. Do you like the name “latte” or what would you have called it?

Let me know in the comments below!

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