Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas That Match Your Personality

Easy Halloween makeup ideas that match your personality

Raise your hand if you have ever found yourself having no idea what to wear for a Halloween party! Fear no more! Today I was inspired to collect all the makeup ideas that I have tried in the past or that I simply love. But, of course, I will bring my own personal twist 😉 If you are not really into costumes or don’t want to spend much money, I am here to help. Without a doubt, these ideas will give you that creative edge you were looking for while allowing you to still wear your cute outfit of choice. And there is more! All these Halloween makeup ideas can be recreated with what you have at home: all you need is your regular makeup collection. So, if you want to know more about my suggestions, keep reading!

Are you outgoing?

Try the animal theme

If fun and friends is your motto, you might want to try these makeup ideas inspired by the animal kingdom. They are probably the easiest to replicate and require just a few makeup items that I am pretty sure everyone has in their makeup bags.

The “cat” look could not be easier: just draw a black circle on the tip of your nose and fake whiskers on your cheek. Finish off with any lipstick you like; so quick and simple!

If you want to be more hip, the “Lion king” theme is definitely a trendy one this year and does not have to be too elaborate. Add these details to the cat look: draw a black line from the tip of your nose to your upper lip and then color your lips black, too. Finish off with a brown line that crosses one of your eyes for the signature Scar look.

What you will need in your makeup bag: black gel liner, black pencil and black/brown eyeshadow.

Do you have a romantic soul?

Try the magical theme

You love magical worlds, fairy tales and mystery? Well this is just the right choice for you. The scary route is the one that most follow, but in recent years I have seen many of these more romantic looks that are just stunning.

To go for a fairy look, include these steps in your makeup:

  1. Fill in your eyebrows with a pastel eyeshadow instead of the regular brownish color.
  2. Place your pink blush very high on your cheekbones and temples.
  3. Use glitters either on your eyes or on your cheekbones, or both!

With these additional steps, the fairy touch is guaranteed.

What you will need in your makeup bag: pastel eyeshadows, glitters and a shiny lipgloss.

Would you like to express your self-confidence?

Try these spooky but cute ideas

I know that a lot of people out there are finding themselves torn between looking cute but still wanting an original Halloween makeup look. These looks can give you a boost in self-confidence. If you don’t feel comfortable to dare, then try out these ideas.

The first one is the classic vampire: all you need to do to make your “costume” look believable is to draw veins under your eyes and wear a dark reddish lipstick. Yes, that’s it!

Another super cute idea that I have seen online is to draw bats on your face. Some people also draw spiders, but I am afraid of them so it is a big no for me, eheh! You will just need a black pencil and you can draw them on your cheeks or forehead, pairing it with a simple black eyeliner.

The last idea is the Zodiac. Look online for the symbol of your zodiac sign and draw it on your forehead. Pair this with whatever makeup look you wish; it could not be simpler!

What you will need in your makeup bag: black/coloured eye pencil, dark lipstick.

Is creativity important for you?

Try the classics

To conclude my halloween makeup ideas post, I could not mention the classics. These looks do require some more work but they can all be easily reproduced with what you have at home.

The hottest costume this year in this category will be without a doubt the clown theme: with IT 2 and the Joker in movie theatres, we will see a lot of them at parties. To recreate a clown look, follow these steps:

  1. Draw a small circle on the tip of your nose with your red lipstick.
  2. Wear red lipstick and draw – with the same lipstick – a line that goes from the corner of your mouth, across your cheek and to your eye, ending above your eyebrow.
  3. Repeat on the other side. Extra tip: set the lipstick with red eyeshadow or translucent powder.

To finish off, I will mention the classic witch or skeleton look, where all you need to do is to wear a dark smokey eye. Pair this with a dark lipstick for the first one and, for the second, wear concealer on top of your lips, set it with powder and draw on small, black, horizontal lines.

What you will need in your makeup bag: dark-toned eyeshadows e.g. black, grey, purple, and red lipstick.

In brief, there are so many Halloween makeup ideas out there that it is virtually impossible to collect them in just one blog post, but I hope I gave you some useful inspo ideas for your costume this year! And if you also want some makeup inspo for your everyday life, don’t forget to check the Makeup Guide, where I have planned 8 weeks of looks for you. Happy halloween, loves!

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