The Benefits Of Not Wearing Makeup Every Day

The benefits of not wearing makeup everyday

I know what you’re thinking right now… "Hold on, did I just read that correctly? Are you really suggesting NOT to wear makeup?!" Well, not exactly. Let's start by reiterating that we are (and always will be!) makeup lovers; there’s no doubt about that! ☺ However, just like many other things in life, balance is key, and rocking a no makeup look a couple of times a week can actually have some unexpected yet pretty cool benefits. To find out what exactly these benefits of not wearing makeup entail, check out the explanations below: 

A better mental health

For many people, makeup can have a huge, positive impact on mental health, and this is one aspect that I really love about it. Amongst other things, makeup can help certain people feel confident and they can use it as a way to express their personality. Believe it or not, not wearing makeup can actually have the same benefits. It may not be easy at first, but getting used to going natural can help with your confidence levels. You will slowly understand that confidence also comes from within and not just from how you look. 

The environment says thank you

By going without makeup a couple of days a week, we can reduce our levels of consumption. In the long run, this means the products we buy last longer so we actually end up reducing the amount we buy (although this may not be the case for those of us who are slightly addicted to makeup! ☺). In turn, this can affect the environment and society (not to mention our wallets) because, as consumers, our purchases essentially decide what we want on the market.

This concept is also applicable if, instead of not wearing makeup, we turn to organic and natural makeup as alternatives. I have been doing this for years. There are weeks when I simply feel the need to wear makeup every day, but I enjoy integrating a few natural makeup products such as foundation or powder into my makeup routine. In this way, I feel that I am still able to enjoy makeup without causing my skin any stress, and this brings us onto the next positive effect of going makeup-free…

Clearer skin

The benefits of not wearing makeup on the skin are probably the first ones that usually spring to mind.

As you may well know, makeup can contain substances such as silicones which may clog up your pores, so maybe it’s not such a bad idea after all to let your skin breathe and do what it needs to do a couple of times a week. Treat yourself to a spa day at home or out with friends: do a face scrub, take a bath (whilst sipping on a cheeky glass of wine, perhaps?!), do a face mask, and just relax! Your skin deserves a treat once in a while, too!

Don’t forget that if your skin isn’t in the best state and you haven’t prepped it properly with moisturiser or other regular face scrubs, your makeup will not reach its full potential and look as good as it could be. Your skin is the perfect canvas to express your creativity, and we want to make sure you take good care of it.

In conclusion, having a day or two without makeup may not be so bad after all. As well as saving time, you will clear your mind and recharge your creative makeup batteries for the following week! After this small break you will then be ready and raring to go!

If you are lacking inspiration for your next makeup looks, I’m sure the Makeup Guide can lend a helping hand! With an abundance of looks (and lots of variations), it will give you the perfect balance for the week whilst leaving some room for those essential makeup-free days!

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  • The Shimmering You ( Rianna )

    Sometimes natural is best, especially for those with acne prone skin like myself. I wear makeup only when I feel like it. Most of the time , my busy schedule gets in the way. Thank you for sharing this.. 🦋

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