The Beauty Secrets Of A Modern Witch

The beauty secrets of a modern witch

Witches are back! Well… they never really left. In fact, their legacies and teachings are stronger than ever in modern society; especially their beauty secrets …

Many people have decided to embrace the traditions of witches and join a religion called Wicca. Despite not being around for that long (it was officially created in the 40s), this new-pagan religion has gained a lot of followers around the world. Wiccans are known to honor nature and to practice magic and rituals. We don’t have to be Wiccans to put today’s tips into practice, but we can draw inspiration from the old and new traditions. If you want to know more about the magical and natural beauty secrets of the modern-day witch, keep reading…

Potion ingredients

Nature-based products have been used by witches for centuries – our ancestors used to have a great knowledge of nature, its seasons and what they can offer. Nowadays, we are trying to recover these expertise and put them into practice in our modern-day world.


The use of plants and their extracts to treat diseases is known as herbalism. Herbs have certain properties which can be used to your advantage according to the desired result.

However, if you add any herbs to your beauty routine, always test them out first! Let’s have a look at a few of my favorites to throw into the cauldron:

  • Lavender: this is largely used nowadays for aromatherapy and in beauty products. Known for its calming properties, it is ideal for relaxation in the bath or in a sachet next to your bed (or under your pillow).
  • Sage: if you are already intro crystals, you will know that sage is used to clean spaces and remove negative energies. Together with rosemary, it is a great ingredient for natural toothpaste.
  • Cinnamon: we all love cinnamon for cooking, but it is also a witch’s favorite herb. It is great for raising your positive vibrations. Use it in your golden moon milk and drink it up for a supernatural blessing.


You might not know that apart from being lovely ornaments, crystals can be also be used in your beauty routine! Ever heard of crystal infused face sprays? You can use stones such as amethyst, quartz or citrine and infuse them in water (preferably distilled) to create your own. Such face or body sprays can not only have magical properties such as promoting an energy shift, but they can benefit the skin, too. Nevertheless, be extremely careful! Some crystals contain substances like aluminum, nickel etc., which can be toxic! Make sure your crystal of choice is not toxic and won’t dissolve in water before using it.


These can become your next best beauty secrets!

  • As perfumes: use a few drops of essential oil to smell like a god or goddess! Try sandalwood, vanilla or lavender. It also seems like they have the magic ability to attract love…
  • As moisturizers: use a few drops of oil to moisturize your body or face. Rose hip oil is great for skin cell renewal and hemp oil is ideal for balancing the skin. Plus, if you want to go makeup-free for a day or more, oils can give you a super nice natural glow.

Magic rituals of beauty

All the ingredients mentioned above and more can be used together or separately in thousands of concoctions…

  • Enchanting baths

You can add essential oils or crystals to your baths. To create calming baths, use lavender, rose, chamomile or bergamot. To create a reinvigorating bath, use sandalwood, cinnamon or peppermint instead.

  • Spooky face masks

Homemade or shop-bought masks are the perfect treat for your skin and heart. The smell of a mask can be intense enough to have a few beneficial effects. Give green tea a go: an elixir for immortality! Mix the powder with water and add some honey or yogurt.

  • Supernatural tonic and face sprays

My personal favorites: lavender and rose waters have been my tonic of choice for years now. I love the smell and use them as face spray refreshers during the day as well.

  • Mystic face rollers

Jade or quartz rollers have recently become popular and I stand by them as they are the perfect magic wand for your beauty routine. Besides them not really having a downside, you can use them twice a day and massage them into your skin. However, remember to keep them clean!

Enchant your beauty product

There’s a reason they are called beauty rituals… I believe that whenever we take time for ourselves – whether it is for a makeup routine, home-spa treatment or a simple shower – we are indeed doing something magical. Most importantly, we are creating, transforming ourselves and connecting with nature.

If you are brave enough, put a spell on your beauty product or routine! If you choose to be present with yourself and put intention in your action, the effects will be amplified. It does not matter if you believe in magic or not; you are living your truth and this is beneficial for your wellbeing, including your skin!

How to do the incantation

First light a candle, turn on some relaxing music and burn some incense. Secondly, recite an intention: either focus on the product or the moment and state the effect you want to achieve as truth. For example, while taking a bath you can repeat: “My lavender bath releases me from today’s negative energy” ten times. Or while applying mascara you can say: “I am opening my eyes to a greater truth”. Feel free to be inventive and always use positive sentences with a present tense verb.

To conclude, I hope that today’s blog inspired you to explore some new beauty secrets that can be included into your beauty routine. And if I haven’t managed to convince you, my favorite beauty secret is one that you might have seen coming…

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