How The Makeup Guide Can Serve You

How the Makeup Guide can serve you

The Makeup Guide is successfully helping beauty lovers all around the world with their beauty routine and makeup inspiration. One of the questions that I am asked more frequently is whether the Makeup Guide is for all levels. My answer is yes and I will explain why. I get it though… it is (literally) hard to judge a book by its cover and understand whether this guide will be of use to you and your goals. However, today’s blog will tell you everything you need to know about the Makeup Guide and everything it can do for you.

Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration

Problem: You feel like you’re stuck in a makeup rut

No matter what level you are, some days you just feel stuck. Bad hair day, closet full of clothes and still no outfit and for makeup, you have no clue what to do. Therefore, feeling stuck in a makeup rut is totally normal. Some of us have repetitive jobs and long hours and this can contribute to a lack of inspiration on all fronts.

The solution: A library full of makeup ideas

Whether you are a pro or an amateur in the kitchen, the chances are that you own a cookbook or two. You can think of the makeup guide as your makeup cookbook, but with infinite makeup recipes instead of food!
With 32+ day and night looks, 8 styles and its endless variations, your hunger for looks will definitely be satisfied. 🙂 Moreover, every look is explained in details with pictorials and a clear, easy description of colors and tools. It could not be easier!

Makeup planning is the next big thing

Problem: You are busy and forgetful

Life gets in the way and is just too much sometimes. When was the last time you did and enjoyed doing your makeup? If you are looking for content, you might also feel lost or overwhelmed in the search for makeup inspiration. At the same time, ironically, we are bombarded by tons of images everyday – so much so that we might end up not really caring anymore.

The solution: 8 week Makeup Plan

Regardless of your abilities, the Makeup Plan is something unique for every makeup lover. In one portable platform, 8 weeks of makeup are already planned out for you. No need to stream tutorials or use your data to conduct searches all day.

No matter how busy you are, the tracker charts are there to help you with your makeup journey. Think about a bullet journal and its charts; our trackers are exactly like this! You can even print them, or if you are super artistic: you can reproduce them in your bullet journal. But most importantly, there is no need for you to follow the plan strictly. If you prefer to freestyle, feel free to go for it!

A fresh new way to experiment

Problem: You don’t know what look(s) suit you best

I don’t know about you but even after years of makeup attempts and do-overs, I still feel the need to keep on experimenting and refresh my daily look. Likewise, my taste has changed over the years and honestly my eyes, too. I constantly have the urge to keep on trying new ways to apply my makeup. But the only way to understand what looks suit me, my taste and my personality best? By experimenting!

The solution: New eye makeup shapes and styles

I have created the Makeup Guide with the idea in mind to positively challenge my readers. Regardless of your level, you can create a style that is unique to you and find your signature look(s). The Makeup Guide has:

  • 8 styles declined in 8 weeks, from the classic smokey eyes to new and innovative styles
  • Shapes: every style is declined in 4 looks to make the most of it
  • Colors: you have the freedom to replicate a look with the colors you love most

So here is the recap of all the perks!

  • Unlimited makeup inspiration
  • Styles to go + organised structure (hello bullet journals lovers!)
  • Clear but creative ideas for your (signature) looks
  • You can share the looks and connect with other makeup lovers

In conclusion, if you love experimenting with new looks and learning new things, the Makeup Guide was made for you. The book puts you at the centre of the experience, empowering you with tools, ideas, and awesome styles that are unique to you! Most importantly, you get everything you need in just one place so you can pull up the guide in your phone, tablet, computer, or whenever you want.

What are you most excited about the Makeup Guide? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Lois

    I have been doing it immaturely for the past four months, doing make up tutorials on YouTube. So this book really intrigued me. I can’t wait to get it and practice more styles. What a great idea!!

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