5 Swaps For An (Almost) Zero Waste Makeup Routine

5 swaps for an (almost) zero waste makeup routine

Zero waste (makeup) has been a hot topic for a while now and rightly so! As human beings we have adopted consumerist habits and do not always go about things in the most sustainable way. Is there something that we can actually do to improve the situation? The answer is yes, and it is easier than you thought…

I am all about my healthy dose of monthly makeup shopping, don’t get me wrong – it makes me happy and I am glad to live in a world where I have the opportunity to fuel this passion of mine 🙂 However, I have found that there are some minimal changes that you can adopt in order to have a more clean and zero waste makeup routine that does not affect the way you live your makeup life. If you want to know what options there are, have a look here below:

Refill it

The so-called refillable packaging is actually nothing new and you might already be familiar with it. If you have ever been food shopping and brought your own containers or even just your own bags, the concept is basically the same: buying a one-time product which you can refill without the need to replace the whole thing. 

I am sure that a lot of you have already adopted this without even realising it… what about those eyeshadow or blush refills that you own and used to create your own customised palettes? I have been doing this for years as I love to create my personal color library, and while having fun I also help the environment. That sounds like a win-win situation to me 🙂  And on the market you can not only find powder product refills such as eyeshadows, bronzers, highlighters etc., but in recent years brands have also come up with refillable mascaras, creams, foundation compacts or even lipsticks!

Be mindful though: this is not a 100% waste-free solution, but the advantage is still significant as you cut down on the amount of packaging of your products. You will still produce waste but in a more limited way.

The Outside Counts

When it comes to popular brands, one easy swap you can make is to switch to face products that come in glass containers. If you don’t travel that much then there is no need to stock up on plastic bottle products; buy more glass instead!

Popular brands and the more environmentally committed ones alike offer products that come in containers whose material is more sustainable than plastic, for example: glass, bamboo, recycled aluminium or recycled steel. 

Next time you shop for a makeup product, do not just look at the inside but pay attention to the outside, too!

Let's Cake

Have you ever heard of a cake mascara or eyeliner? It is indeed a thing and has been around for quite some time… actually, since people first started using makeup back in the ancient times…

A cake eyeliner or mascara is a solid, powdery product version that, when in contact with water, transforms into a thick paste. With the use of a fine tip brush or a spoolie, you can then apply the product as you would normally do with your regular ones.

The environmental advantages are numerous! These kinds of products have a longer shelf life; as they do not come not in liquid or cream form, they do not dry out so easily and you are more likely to use them completely. In doing so, you will purchase less and then use less packaging. 

These cake eyeliners and mascaras often come in cute packaging cases that can be reused to store small items so you don’t have to throw them away and can recycle them for another use. 

And last but not least, as you will need to have a separate brush applicator, you will be able to reuse it when you finish your eyeliner or mascara.

Natural Pencil

This is a very quick and easy swap tip! If you are interested in reducing your consumption of plastic, you can do so by using a classic pencil eyeliner instead of a retractable one that comes in plastic packaging. The latter have become quite popular as they do not need an eye sharpener and seem to be more practical to use. However, the downside is that instead of a wooden pencil, we buy a plastic one, producing even more waste.

Go Green

Clean or green brands are not only vegan and against animal cruelty, but also set themselves apart with the kinds of ingredients they use in their products. Their ingredients are usually better sourced and organic, providing high-quality formulas for the customers and reducing the impact on the environment in the process. These brands might or might not be environmentally committed when it comes to their packaging.

I personally love to shop also from “greener” brands and now have quite a collection. On a regular basis, I use these products alternating them to my more mainstream brand products. Sometimes I just prefer to wear a more minimal or fresh face. By using natural or organic products, my skin is happier and I still get to enjoy the makeup experience.

As you have seen, there are a lot of small changes that we can make to have a greener and zero waste makeup routine, and most of them do not require huge efforts! It is just a matter of knowing what the options are and choosing what feels right for you without having to completely disrupt your makeup habits!

If you think that you need to buy a lot of products to spice up your (zero waste) makeup routine and buying (and consuming) more feels like the only option to spark your inspiration, look no further! My Makeup Guide can give you an endless source of inspiration and it is plastic-free because it is digital 🙂

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