The Makeup Guide
The Making Of

The Makeup Guide - The Making of

Makeup is an art and no one can argue that. Like every other type of art, it is infinite and it has millions of nuances. The question that has been following me around is: how can I master this craft and turn it into an everyday tool that will allow people to experiment with makeup? This is how the Makeup Guide was born.

My Inspiration is Your Inspiration

At the beginning, I thought about focusing my YouTube channel on everyday makeup tutorials, but it still wasn’t quite what I was trying to achieve. I then thought about just starting to write down and collect my ideas and see where this could take me. In the process of doing this, the idea finally hit me and the Makeup Plan was born: a simple, structured tool that could allow people to experiment with makeup on a daily basis; an easy and accessible plan that you could always bring along with you for your makeup inspiration.

My dream was to create a single platform where you could not only find all the makeup education basics, but also where we could experiment together to find the makeup looks that work best for your unique features and taste, or simply to have a pool of looks to choose from.

Beauty for you 

I started my work with the intent of creating a simple and accessible tool for everyday makeup inspiration that could be of use to everyone. Of course, online we can find plenty of content, but it can also become a bit overwhelming sometimes! I don’t know about you, but I personally think that a clear space inspires a clear mind 🙂 and the plan has been written to give you a clear structure which you can tap into for all of your makeup experiences!

Focus on shapes

Although it is absolutely true that certain looks and colors may suit certain features better, my idea was to have a guide that could set everyone free to experiment. This is exactly what the Makeup Plan is for! My goal is to encourage everyone to try out different techniques and allow you to find the best makeup that suits not only your features but also your personality and taste! Everyone has a different makeup collection and the colors that we own can vary quite a bit. Fun fact: did you know that apparently something like more than 16 million colors exist?! 

A positive beauty community

This book not only intends to make your everyday experiences easier; it also hopes to inspire a makeup community driven by the desire to help each other out by sharing what they have learnt! We want to create a positive space where people feel free to share and live out their love of makeup. Let’s try to reconnect together with what made us fall in love with makeup in the first place: techniques, finishes, shapes, textures or simply the happy moment it gives us when we sit at our vanity desks to get ready. Get in touch on Instagram or Facebook and feel free to share your Makeup Guide recreations with the community! 

If you have been struggling with your makeup inspiration or if you have thought that too much beauty information was actually a bit overwhelming, I hope to come and help you with the my Guide! My wish is to encourage you to try out different makeup techniques and styles so you can find out what makeup look suits your personality and lifestyle best.

Want to know more? Let me know in the comments section below!

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