The 2020 Makeup Trends That Will Last For The Entire Decade

The 2020 Makeup Trends That Will Last For The Entire Decade

My predictions are here! I have looked into my crystal ball :), and here you are the makeup trends for 2020…From what I have gathered from social media, online and print press, a more “undone” look is becoming the main trend. The picture-perfect Instagram looks will still be strong, but there is a growing need for quick, easier and lower maintenance make look ideas. What 2020 makeup trends are you excited about?

Pantone Classic Blue – the color of the year

People at Pantone clearly know something that we do not… We are entering a new cosmic era or we have already entered it (The Age of Aquarius), it is not 100% clear. Being an Aquarian myself, it seems pretty exciting and apparently Pantone wanted to pay tribute to this new era with this year’s color. I love blue and it is one the most underrated color in the makeup realm. If you have brown eyes, like myself, pull out your blue-toned products, especially in summer. Thanks Pantone, because I cannot wait to rock some blue tones on my eyelids. 🙂

Glass skin – no more flashy highlighters

Some of you might protest at this point, but do no fear! You can continue wearing blinding highlighters, you do you! However, when it comes to 2020 makeup trends, the “glass”, or better, the “plumped” skin look is here to stay. Despite the fact that in the next decade we will continue to celebrate beauty in all its forms, a young and fresh looking skin will remain the goal to achieve for most of us… Strong highlighters might have the downside of emphasizing pores or imperfections, that is why a more glowy and glass skin look will be the trend…

A new smokey eye – one color look (pastel colors included)

Fun fact? This look is actually on the first week of my Makeup Plan. It is super simple and all you need is literally one color…well, plus a skin-toned eyeshadow, if you need help with the blending. But in this case, you can also use your powder! I love taupes for this look, but I cannot wait to try some pastel colors in summer…

Graphic & floating eyeliner – for every eye shape

I must admit – I am intimated by this trend, even though I should not! On the contrary, the idea behind this trend is to make eyeliner a fun and easy experience for everyone. As we all have different eye shapes, how we draw our winged lines may significantly change from one person to another. With a graphic eyeliner look, you can literally play around with your lines and draw them as you please to perfectly fit your unique eye shape. I will update you when I try it 🙂

Makeup planning – my and your beauty revolution

In our times, where we are overwhelmed by information, planning is for many the perfect solution to bring some balance in one’s lifestyle. So besides fitness, meal and wardrobe planning, makeup planning is one the coolest 2020 makeup trends and I am proud to have created my 8 week Makeup Plan!

A makeup plan allows you to:

  • Experiment with different techniques. By trying new looks declined both for day and night time, you can understand what works best for you.
  • Go outside of the box without though drastically change your routine: it can mean something as simple as trying a new color combination.
  • Get out of your makeup rut and spice things up!

Kissable lips – a trend from far away

Kylie is the queen of the matte lips, and she undeniably made it into a trend that has lasted for years…But things are changing…I think our lips need some time to recover, as we have sucked the life out of them for a long time! And now it is time to do that, with this newish 2020 makeup trend: the kissable lips. Actually matte lipsticks are not going anywhere, we will just be using them in a different way… Instead of the perfect outlined lips, this year try and tap some lipstick on you lips with your fingers. You can still line your lips, but make sure to use a neutral color, so that you preserve the messy look that you want to achieve.

Bushy Eyebrows – no more defined brows

Let’s say the truth: Instagram eyebrows are high maintenance and we just don’t have the time to carve out perfect eyebrows! There you go 🙂 Drama aside, this is one of the 2020 makeup trends I am more excited about. If you happen to have thick eyebrows naturally, a tinted brow gel will be the only brow product you will need to keep in your beauty case in 2020. If you have more sparse eyebrows instead, do not despair! A felt tip eyebrow marker is THE new brow product you need to try. I am personally obsessed about it, as it allows you to draw hair strokes and reach the bushy eyebrow look.

Beauty and skin care are said to be more and more personalized in the next decade with new sophisticated technologies. I personally cannot wait to see what the next decade has in store for us! Beauty products have been improving exponentially, year after year, and I am sure they will also be more sustainable for the environment. What are your predictions?

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