How Often Should You Change Your Base Routine?

How often should you change your base routine?

We often hear people saying “each to their own”, and for today’s post we could have not said it better ourselves. A base routine is something that can be very personal – it depends on your skin type, mood, accessibility to certain brands, available budget, and the list could go on. Today, however, rather than looking into how base routines differ, we would like to focus on how often people change these base steps and what the reasons behind this decision are.

Why do people change their base routine? Many different aspects can cause us to change our makeup regimes; keep reading to find out what the most common ones are:

Lack of Time

First of all: time ! Let´s be honest; it is not always possible to stick to a daily routine, and sometimes we simply do not have enough time to get ready in the morning. Even if we plan on spending 15-20 minutes each day on our makeup, this can rapidly reduce to just 5 or 10 minutes if we have a family to take care of or hit that snooze button one too many times! In such cases, you may want to skip a few of your usual steps, or you can use products which have a lighter coverage and that are easier to use on the go. Cream products which don’t necessarily require a brush to apply are also very handy!

Seasons changing

Seasons do make a difference! Even if you have a normal skin type, skin naturally reacts to changes in temperature or humidity. For this reason, you may need to switch things up if you notice that your routine is no longer working properly. If the heat is making you sweat more than usual, powder or matte foundations are a must-have!

Skin care updates

Though most of us may follow a skin care regime (and if you don’t, you should start now!), we also tend to change it regularly. The products applied underneath our makeup can affect the durability and application of the base. You may have followed a certain base routine for quite some time, but sometimes after a while these routines simply stop working. A change in skin care products can contribute to this. In my book for example, I explain how primer and foundation work together. This is another aspect to consider if you are contemplating changing your base routine.

If you are slightly addicted to makeup ☺, there is a good chance that you have a nice collection of foundation or concealers… If you do indeed have many products, you probably like to rotate them (even if you have some favorites) simply because you want to make use of them (and not waste them) or because you like the feeling of always using something “new”. However, you may have noticed that some products (even your favorite ones!) do not always work as well as they have done in the past. This may depend on how you pair them. As the ultimate makeup addict, I like to switch things up on a daily basis! 

Take the test!

After reading some of the reasons as to why people change their base routine, would you say that you are someone that has:

  1. one routine, sticks to it and rarely changes it? 
  2. a couple of routines (e.g. daytime and nighttime) and every now and then tries out something new?
  3. a few favorite products but still changes the routine on a daily basis?

What kind of person are you? Share your experiences with others in the comments below. If you want to discover the nitty gritty details on how to master your base routine and what steps are involved, check out my Makeup Guide.

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