In October, We Wear Pink (Makeup)

In October, we wear pink (makeup)

October is one of my favorite months. Yes – I am one of those who loves fall 😛 More than January, I feel that October brings about the hope of a new year and new beginnings. Fun fact: it is said to be the month where most relationships start. Coincidence? I think not! But whether we are in a relationship or not, October also means something more, especially for us women. It is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we celebrate it with pink makeup and more…

Breast Cancer Awareness Month and how it all started

This worldwide campaign takes place every year in October. During this time, associations and organizations join their efforts to raise awareness of breast cancer, which is the most common cancer found in women after skin cancer. The aim is to involve people, raise funds, and gather support.

Its origin dates back to 1985 when the American Cancer Society and Imperial Chemical Industries established a partnership. Nowadays, people associate this month with its very recognizable symbol: a pink ribbon, which was first used in 1993 thanks to Evelyn Lauder, Senior Corporate Vice President of the Estée Lauder Companies. Likewise, other big beauty brands have followed in their steps. That is why in October we see the launch of limited edition products whereby a portion of the proceeds are donated to the cause. However, many people have started to feel skeptical towards such launches as it might appear that they are done more for marketing reasons than for altruistic reasons… Nevertheless, I think it is an important contribution to raising awareness and is just one of the many ways in which we can contribute during this month.

Your contribution

For the sociable

For those who are a bit more outgoing and social, October is a good time for you to join local events, runs or walks. A lot of these are usually planned in most big cities. If you can’t find such an event in your area, organize one yourself! For example, you can plan a small (or large) charity bake event and, together with your friends, sell your baked goodies, donating the proceeds to a charity of your choice.

For those who can

If you are in the financial position to donate, there are plenty of associations and charities to choose from. If you are unsure, have look at their mission and go for the one you feel closest to. Some associations fund medical research, others focus on preventing the disease and others again help women who have been affected by the disease. Just follow your heart!
If you are still overwhelmed by the choice, you can choose to donate by buying a beauty product that gives back. As mentioned above, you will find several limited edition products at your local beauty counter. In purchasing these you will not only be doing something good for someone else, but also for yourself. Of course, all these products come in different shades of pink so it might be a good opportunity for you to pick up a new pink makeup item.

For everyone

In your private sphere, this month may present a good moment to arrange a doctor check-up or, based on your age, a mammogram. Early detection is the key to preventing not only breast cancer but also many other diseases. Educate yourself by reading or listening to experts. In October you will find plenty of printed or online articles that can help guide you through this topic.

My humble beauty contribution

You might have gathered by now that pink is the color of the breast cancer awareness month. The pink ribbon is the official symbol and you can wear it as a pin, a hair ribbon or printed on a t-shirt. If you are joining an event or a run, don’t forget to wear a pink outfit! Many apparel companies promote limited edition clothes too, such as sneakers and gym gear.

But let’s not forget the makeup! How could I? To celebrate this month, pink makeup is a must, whether you are joining an event or not. Here are a couple of ideas that I love. Try this fun look: a yellow and pink makeup look is an unexpectedly beautiful combo. Do it like this:

  1. Blend a brown/mustard shade into the crease
  2. Apply a yellow eyeshadow onto the mobile lid and top it off with a gold shade
  3. Wear pink lipstick!

Want to dare less? Try this sophisticated look. Do it like this:

  1. Blend a matte pink shade into the crease and under your eyes
  2. Intensify the outer corners with a raspberry eyeshadow and apply eyeliner
  3. Wear pink lipgloss!

Want more? For other exclusive pink makeup looks, check out my Makeup Guide!

To conclude, no matter how you decide to contribute, in October (and all year round) it is important to raise awareness and remember how important prevention is when it comes to breast cancer. I hope that this blog post has inspired you to take action and join the cause!

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