What Is Your Makeup Personality? Find Out Now!

What is your makeup personality?

Our lifestyle says a lot about us. The choices we make on a daily basis determine who we are, and makeup can contribute to this just as much. Makeup is a way to express ourselves and show certain aspects of our personality depending on how we decide to wear it. Find out today what your makeup personality is!

Every morning we all go through the same process: we ponder in front of our mirrors trying to decide which makeup look to wear or not to wear… Even with the same products, the directions that each of us take can differ significantly. Not only our personal inclinations can determine what makeup we want to wear but our mood can also have an impact. If we feel happy, we might want to rock that pink lipstick that we usually don’t feel like wearing. The way we decide to apply our makeup might say a lot more about us than we think. Let’s have a closer look at the different kinds of makeup personalities:

Are you an everyday minimalist?

Both in life and with makeup, you prefer to keep it simple. A natural look or a no-makeup-day is what you prefer, but you still like a bronzed fresh face or a liner when you feel like committing. Now, do you embrace this lifestyle in every aspects of your life or do you like to collect makeup regardless? You can like a simple look but still own countless blushes or foundations ☺

Do you feel you have more of an edgy and bold look?

If you like to be daring and if you use makeup to show your inner confidence, this might be your category! You are lucky enough to study or work in a place which doesn’t have a makeup policy or you just follow your preferences and take any chance that you have to rock your colorful looks or a full face of makeup, even on a Tuesday!

Do you like to experiment with makeup?

If you feel you are in between, you have landed in the right category. A natural look is your go-to but every now and then you add a daily twist. It might be a pop of color or a bold lip, but you never dare too much in day to day life. Sometimes you might just be lacking ideas; are you looking for a new source of inspiration? My Makeup Guide can help you achieve that!

Are you perhaps a makeupista?

If fashionistas have their name, why can’t we?! ☺ In this category, your makeup routine is influenced by the latest trends and you change it accordingly. You keep up with the latest releases, and your wallet may not be so happy about it! Your makeup vanity is your biggest pride and you love decorating it. Expanding your makeup collection is secretly, or maybe not so secretly, one of your life goals!

As you might have gathered by now, your makeup can be a window to your inner beauty and may help people understand who you are. You can express different sides of your personality with your makeup or you can discover certain personality traits that you weren’t even aware you had!

If you are looking for new ways to spice up your makeup routine because you feel that you want to reinvent yourself through makeup, have a look at my Makeup Guide.

What kind of makeup personality do you have? Are you a combination of these or are you a totally different type? If you feel that you do not belong to any of these categories or belong to a different one, share your thoughts with the community below.

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