Should You “marie Kondo” Your Makeup Routine?

Should you 'Marie Kondo' your makeup routine?

Over the last few years the minimalist movement has been growing and inspiring many people to lead a simpler lifestyle with less things and more focus on what we really like. We see this, for example, through decluttering or pan projects videos (that are still trending), the zero waste movement and in general with a lot of people embracing a more conscious attitude when it comes to consuming products.

Within this lifestyle philosophy we can place Marie Kondo and her work. With her books and series on Netflix, Marie Kondo has become the most famous worldwide organising consultant and has inspired thousands – if not millions – of people to adapt their lifestyles. Simply put; the “KonMari method” that she invented advises people to tidy up their personal spaces, keeping only those objects that spark joy.

I have to be honest here: when it comes to makeup (my very soft spot!), decluttering is not my forte. However, over the years I have learnt to buy less and to try to use up what I have. If this movement has inspired you, let’s see what steps you can take for a more minimalist approach to your makeup collection:

How to in 3 steps

1. Get everything in front of you
This is the classic step for Marie Kondo; get out all of your makeup or beauty products from wherever you store them. Seeing everything at once will make you realize that you might own one too many things and that you can probably survive with less.

2. Make a few piles
I recommend creating at least three piles but you can of course make more (let me know in the comments below what you did!).

  • The first one can be the altruistic pile 🙂 – those products that are still good but that you don’t want to use anymore. You can donate things to family and friends and get some good karma in return!
  • The second one is the no more pile. Here you can put all the products that have expired or that no longer look good.
  • And finally, the happy pile is for all the products that still spark joy and that you are happy to continue to use.

3. Organize and give light
Organize your beauty desk or your drawers in a way that is pleasant to look at. Do not hoard what you have. You may consider investing in some organising baskets and some cute pieces to decorate. By bringing focus onto a few key pieces, you will put more value on what you have.

Cool advantages

The advantages that come with adopting this lifestyle are numerous!

First of all, you tend to consume less and, as a consequence, you produce less waste: the environment says thanks!

Decluttering your space also means decluttering your mind, which brings more clarity and reduces stress. One of the main causes of stress has been linked to the high amount of information that we are bombarded with every day. With less things and more space not only around you but also in your mind, there is a good chance your mood will benefit from it!

Lastly, you will get ready quickly in the morning, which is a big plus for me as I always try to grab a few extra minutes in bed. With less clothes options, the choice will (hopefully) be easier!

If you think that having less means fewer makeup look possibilities, I am happy to say that this is not true! The Makeup Guide shows you how to create 32+ looks with infinite color combinations. What you have in your collection does not matter; with just one palette the look possibilities are endless!

Does this method appeal to you? Are you a minimalist? Let me know in the comments below.

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