Your Makeup Guide Experience #1 – Community Reviews

Your Makeup Guide Experience #1 - Community Reviews

Since day one we knew that we wanted to create a platform to empower our community. We wanted to put you and your needs at the center of our content. That is why, I could not be happier to launch the very first blog post of our community review series! In these blogs I will leave the floor to you 🙂 Unedited messages about your real Makeup Guide experience!

A life-long passion for makeup


Jennifer has always been a makeup and beauty lover and she has found in the Makeup Guide not only a source of educational content but also a source of makeup inspiration.

“Makeup has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember! I remember being 13-14 getting my allowance, and going to Walmart, and purchasing cover girl powder and foundation lol. Now, even though makeup has been a big part of me for so long, I am no professional and there is such a wide range I still want to learn!

What I love about this guide is I can learn basics and something new each time I read it. Not to mention I can open and read it at any time! It covers everything from the types of primers, brushes, foundations, undertones, what will suit and work for you. What’s really fun for me is when I feel down and need some inspiration, she has an 8 week plan to try out and you can follow! I give this a 10! Its a must have! It’s also great for any makeup enthusiasts looking to start learning and wanting to get into makeup it could be a great start up for the makeup artistry world!”

A plan made to work in the real-life


Graziana has always been “skeptical” about makeup until she has found the Makeup Guide. She finally feels free to experiment with makeup at her own terms and she loves the “My Tips” part of the ebook.

“I don’t know your experience, but I used to think that make-up was essential to look fresh and good, but I also thought that It took very little to do that. From my point of view, playing with make-up was more for young girls than women in their everyday life.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always liked everything about fashion and beauty and I experimented a lot in the past… but eye-shadow hasn’t been my finest moment! I really care about my look but, after I’ve turned 25, I’ve always followed those three or four rules, in order to feel good, even if not completely satisfied. 

At one point, about seven years ago, my relationship with make-up worsened, because I’ve chosen to use only organic and natural products. Now they are very common, and you can find the organic version of almost every skincare and makeup products, but at that time it wasn’t so easy. Then, for a long time, I couldn’t play with makeup as I’ve always done with clothes. Now I realize I needed to be pushed a little.   

When I ran into this guide I’ve thought “it can’t be true!”. Not only a very useful guide, with all you have to know about makeup, but also a plan made to work in the real-life. I’ve begun to use it as a path to follow step by step every day. Now It’s also a source of inspiration. I need the plan to avoid to fall back into old patterns, however now I can rail off the track without doing a mess. 

Are you a beginner (as I was)? You should try it! The author gave us her “Did you know?” and “Must Know!”, in order to get closer to the make-up world and build strong foundations for future experiments. But my favourite parts are “Tips”. I love the idea to be aware of secrets and tricks for a few people!  I’ve learnt a lot about products, tools, techniques, and I slowly realized how to hide the flaws and emphasize my real beauty.   

Are you a make-up addicted, but you lost your inspiration? That’s the source you are looking for. The plan is made to fit everyone personality, with looks for work-day, free time, and also special occasions.  And if you want to change, you can play with 8 styles x 3 looks. What to add? I can only recommend it highly.”

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