Who is Carolina? My Passions and Dreams

Who is Carolina? My Passions and Dreams

This blog post will be a difficult one for me to write. One of my biggest issues is my well-established Impostor's Syndrome…even when I graduated with top marks, I did not want to celebrate it! I do struggle to put out there my passions or achievements, big or small, but well, if I want to do social media, this is kind of counterproductive don't you think? I need to get over it! At least a bit…

That is why, with today’s blog, I thought to shade some light on my past and the journey that brought me to be the person I am today! I would like to talk to you about myself, my other passions outside of makeup and who I am as a person with my flaws and the good parts too :).

A long-life passion for the world

I was just 8 years old when my passion for foreign languages was born. My first love that I never forgot and that has become also my (first) career. As a young girl I had the privilege to travel quite a lot and during these journeys, I had the chance to practise a profession that became my job may years later: interpreter. At just 8 years old of age, I was already able to speak French and to translate for friends who could not speak the language. I never forgot the adrenaline rush that I got from this experience and years later, I knew what I wanted to do with my life: I wanted to become an interpreter and study languages. I got a Bachelor´s Degree in Translation and a Master’s Degree in Conference Interpreting and nowadays I can speak 7 languages! Being able to master many languages is a skill that requires an ongoing training. Even if I work as a translator I still need to read, listen and practise all my languages almost daily to make sure to keep up with this ability.

My passion for languages and linguistics finds its origin in a personal passion that I have for the world in general. I have always been fascinated by foreign countries and cultures but also history, geography and art. In my true Aquarius spirit, the sense of adventure and getting to know the unknown has always been very well rooted in me. For this reason, I have always wanted to also live abroad and I have lived in 3 countries other than Italy (my birth country). I have lived in Portugal, Australia and Germany where I am now based. One of my dreams for humanity is that one day borders will not exist anymore and people will be able to easily live and travel abroad. Experience the world is one of the greatest gift that we can give to ourselves. 

A passion for wellbeing

Training my brain has always been a big part of me, but I have never neglected the body training either. My biggest secret is that I have done classical ballet for nine years! I feel so grateful to have had the chance to practise this sport which taught me discipline and hard work. Every year I had to take an exam to move on to the next level and I was judged by a panel coming directly from the Royal Academy of Dancing. It was pretty stressful for a young girl who simply wanted to move her body and have fun at the rhythm of music. As a teenager, I decided to quit as I had not enough time to pursue my studies and ballet at the same time. Afterwards, I practises a few other sports, such as boxing!, and after several years I landed in the yoga world which I never left. 

As I stepped in my adult age, I have developed a passion for an holistic approach to my wellbeing and yoga and mediation are two big parts of it. Vinyasa yoga is my favourite type of yoga which nowadays I simply practise with the help of apps or Youtube. Meditation came afterwards and I now like to practise gratitude and affirmation exercises to relax my mind and align it with a positive mindset. Driven by meditation, crystals have also become another passion of mine and I have started a small collection.

A whole new passion: makeup of course

This chapter of my life and my makeup story deserves a dedicated blog post, which will come very soon :) I have always loved makeup and colors, as a teenager though I had no idea what I was doing with questionable results :) My skills started to develop only a few years later, when in my true perfectionist spirit, I have started to study makeup not only to do it on myself but to pursue it as a career perhaps. These days makeup is a big part of my life and even I have just 10 minutes to do my makeup on a specific day, I savour every minute. It is truly my me moment where I disconnect for the rest of the world and I connect with my inner artist. A true meditative moment!


I do have many other passions such as food, fantasy books and movies… I think I am curious person by nature and a perfectionist at the same time, that is why every time I pick up a new passion I tend to go overboard and make it a skill :) In my future, I see myself picking up new passions and I already know which they will be…I cannot wait to study more about chemistry, painting and archeology.

What are your passions? What passions would you like to pursue?

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