The Ultimate Makeup & Beauty Gift Guide For The Holidays

The Ultimate Makeup & Beauty Gift Guide for the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching! Have you bought all your presents yet? If you need some inspiration, I have collected all my favourite ideas for the ultimate beauty gift guide! You don’t need to be a beauty lover to enjoy these gifts though. And you don’t need to buy something for someone else, you can simply give yourself a beauty gift 🙂

The more the merrier

If your friend or relative is a beauty lover, the following gifts will be very much appreciated! These ideas are perfect to either start or grow a makeup collection.


In my opinion, you can never have too many brushes! A makeup routine is not complete if you don’t own at least a few good makeup brushes. These are the perfect gift because you don’t need to know the skin type, the complexion color or the personal taste of the other person. Being a tool, makeup brushes don’t need to be personalized.

Nail polish

I think that nail polish is often neglected when it comes to beauty gifts, and yet they are such a simple and quick thing to buy on the go. You can also find sets that make a perfect gift for a friend that enjoys a manicure routine.

Advent calendar

Even if December will be over by the time you give your gift, advent calendars are great to sample several products. There are plenty on the market but my tip is to do some research first. Some can be pretty expensive and it is important to see if the value for money is there!

Eyeshadow palette

Eyeshadow palettes are a very popular item for a beauty gift guide. Makeup brands usually bring on the market special edition palettes that make a lovely gift for everyone. You can find both neutral and colourful palettes that will suit everyone’s needs. The only downside? You will need to know what the other person likes in order to give the perfect palette.

The gift of wellbeing

The following beauty gift ideas suit literally everyone. Who wouldn’t want to be gifted a moment of relax?

Bath bombs

I love bath bombs! Having a bath after a long and stressful day, especially in fall or winter, is very comforting. If you know that your friend has a bath tub (it might be difficult to find out without being caught otherwise 🙂 ), bath bombs are such a fun option!

Rose quartz facial roller

Not only rose quartz, facial rollers can be made of jade or amethyst stone too. This tool is nothing new, but it is an ancient beauty ritual. This roller is able to stimulate the lymphatic drainage of the cells and to promote a firmer and younger appearance of the skin. The perfect beauty gift for those who love to pamper themselves.

Konjac sponge

The Konjac sponge used to be popular a few years ago, before the facial rollers came into the spotlight. Nonetheless this tool has a special place in my heart. Every time I use it, my skin immediately looks firmer! A konjac sponge is made from the root of the konjac plant, an asian vegetable, and it can be of different colors according to the active ingredient used. My favourite is the red one!

Perfume rollerballs

Do you ever feel like you need to reapply your perfume during the day? I am one like you! Perfume tends to fade as the hours go by, and perfume rollerballs are great to reapply some fragrance on the skin. They are light and you can carry them in your bag. A wonderful gift for everyone…

A bit of everything

To complete my beauty gift guide, some cute and simple ideas that you can find in most shops.

(Travel) jewellery box

Jewellery has become very popular in the past couple of years and I have been building a small collection myself. I love crystal jewellery with stones such as rose quartz or amethyst but I also need a place where to store and safely place my precious findings. A jewellery box is an inexpensive gift that I am sure will be loved!

Hair accessories

In 2019, hair accessories have made a glorious comeback! From scrunchies, to hair clips and hair bands, the offer is now huge. All you need to do is to choose accessories that will complement your friend’s hair color, and your gift is under-the-tree ready.

Bag mirror

Another cute idea is a bag mirror. One of those things that we all need and that we tend to easily lose or misplace. If you are looking for an inexpensive gift, a bag mirror is the perfect and easy solution.

In conclusion, I hope you have found my ideas useful and that my makeup and beauty gift guide for the holidays will help you for your (last minute) shopping. And if you need another idea, do not forget my Makeup Guide, the perfect gift to give yourself a pocket makeup library! What do you wish to find under your Christmas tree?

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