Setting New (Beauty) Goals and Reflecting On The Past Year

Setting New (Beauty) Goals and Reflecting On The Past Year

Hello Makeup Planners! First of all, I want to wish you a happy start in the new year. May 2021 bring you peace and happiness! Are you ready to set some new beauty goals? Our souls were somehow crushed last year, but let’s focus on the lessons: we have learnt to appreciate what we have and to cherish even more those special moments with friends and family. We must see the silver lining! 

I will be honest and tell you that 2020 has not been easy on me too. I had started with a bang in January and by the end of February I had lost my drive. I had to refocus and rethink my priorities. However, I cannot complain as I have reached two important goals. In this blog post, I will recap how my 2020 beauty and LipstickSmoothie goals went, plus a sneak peak on future projects...

New ebook: The Makeup Bullet Journal

In September we launched a new ebook creation! The Makeup Bullet Journal  joins two of my passions, makeup and bullet journaling, in an original concept. This new ebook offers you a similar Makeup Guide experience, that is a combination of educational topics with worksheets, in this case, the printable bullet journal spreads. 

I am not a pro bujo artist though :p and I have partnered with the lovely Aska from for you to have exclusive and wonderful designs! I am very happy to have found her and to prove to you that women can lift each other up!

New hardcover book

The biggest achievement of the year must be the hardcover book which is now available for you to purchase. It was by far the most requested thing last year: you guys have asked us so many times to come up with an hardcover version and we listened! I was scared at the beginning because going from digital to physical products is a whole new game. That said, I will be giving my best, as per usual, and keep putting my heart into this new journey.

Recap of my 2020 beauty goals

In this last year’s blog I had set for myself several new beauty goals. How did I go? Was I able to keep my promises? Let’s have a look!

Spending less for makeup… …and more for skin care - Check!

This was a success! For the past couple of years, I have been trying to use up what I have. I have been accumulating too much makeup over the years and I had arrived to a point where I was not using most of my collection. The Makeup Plan came to light also for this reason - I was looking into creating a system that would encourage people to use the same eyeshadow palettes in an innovative way. 

Regarding my skin care routine, I have set up a whole new system after doing a lot of research. I hope to share my new method with you in an upcoming blog post.

Focus on the entire body and The good habits - Half check!

I had started 2020 on a roll: meditation, yoga, exercise, you name it! After a few months, I gave up completely and I regret it. My fitness needs a new boost in the new year. However, I did improve some aspects: I am having healthier breakfasts with nuts or nut butter, oats and fruits. I am also drinking more smoothies, homemade matcha lattes and healthy drinks and I take my vitamins regularly. 

More beauty content - Half check!

Well, this could also be considered as a fail, but I am trying to see the glass half full :) . It is true - I had not posted on our social media channels as much as I wanted or should have. I have also neglected the blog for several months. But I have published a new ebook and set up the new hardcover book, so I don’t feel I am entirely to blame :P

New beauty goals

I have three new health and lifestyle goals for 2021!

First, I need to move more! Especially these days, when we all must stay home, some form of physical activity is absolutely necessary. That is why I have started a new yoga challenge! I am now at day 2, and I truly feel motivated to continue. Have you also joined a January challenge?

Second, I need to relax more! My plate is pretty full, and I don’t complain of course, but we all need some “me time”. I think I need to make a conscious effort to take more breaks and be more present when I wind down. Maybe I will have more baths in 2021, for a warm hug, when the days stress me out. 

Third and last, I need to exercise my face more! As mentioned, I think I am at a good place with my skin product knowledge and routine. Now, the next step is to move my face more. I am researching about facial exercises and tools to use, such as the gua sha and the face rollers. My intention is to learn more about this science and I cannot wait to expand my knowledge.

But of course it does not end here… I have about three big projects in the pipeline that I hope you will see soon. One earlier in the year and another two along the year…

I am gaining more confidence in the direction I want to pursue. It is true what they say: you have to start somewhere and you will figure things out as you go. Obstacles will present themselves and I am trying to give my best, because I know that for every problem, the answer is out there…you just need to find it!

What are your new beauty goals or lifestyle resolutions for 2021?

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