6 Beauty Hacks For Summer That You Will Love

6 Beauty Hacks For Summer That You Will Love

When the temperatures change, so do our habits. In summertime, we usually change our diet, our exercise routine and our wardrobe. But many forget to change their beauty routine. For this reason, I have decided to put together some of my favorite beauty hacks I have been experimenting with for years. Keep reading to discover my summer beauty hacks!

Fridge: your treasure chest

No doubt that the humble fridge is one of the best inventions that humanity came up with. And in summertime, it serves us sooo well! It can be used not only to store drinks and snacks, but also to store your face and body products! My first summer beauty hack is to put your aftersun in the fridge. After a long day under the sun, there is nothing better than having a shower and use some luxurious body cream or, why not, aloe vera gel. You will love the refreshing feeling of a cold cream! You can apply this tip also to your regular skin care products. If you want to take the extra step and store them in your fridge, go for it! Some companies even sell mini fridges for the vanity and I find them so cool! Pun intended 🙂

Another product that you can store in the fridge is your nail polish! This pretty popular hack is perfect to achieve a salon-worth manicure from the comfort of your home. Try it and enjoy a streak-free and smooth nail polish 🙂

Frizz? Goodbye

Humidity? The enemy of your hair in summer! On a chemical level, the reason why this happens is pretty complicated. However, in a nutshell, I can say that the hair reacts to the high levels of hydrogen in the air when the latter is humid. Humidity equals water, and water is made up of oxygen and hydrogen. In particular, if your hair is dry, it will tend to absorb more air moisture causing its structure to change into frizzy hair. That is why we need to keep our hair well hydrated to make sure it will not look for moisture somewhere else 🙂

How to do so? I have three summer beauty hacks!

  1. First, apply your hair mask more often! You can try this ginger hair mask. It is yummy, it is natural and it is a fun diy!
  2. Another hack is to use apple cider vinegar  on your hair. Leave it on your hair after your shampoo for about 10 minutes and then rinse it off. All you need to do is to simply mix your apple cider vinegar of choice (better if organic) with water in a bottle. I would recommend one part vinegar against eight part water.
  3. Use an hydrating hair mist spray. In a bottle, mix a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil with water. Shake well and spray onto your hair. In summer, with hot temperatures, the coconut oil should dissolve easily in water.

Spray and refresh

We have talked about hair mist, but what about face mist? It is as pleasant, if not more! If you don’t want to purchase one, you can prepare a face mist at home! To prepare one, I suggest that you  combine three key ingredients of your choice:

  1. a liquid – it could be distilled or boiled water (let it cool after boiling and before using) or some flower water like rosewater
  2. an oil – make sure this is face safe and use just a few drops, e.g. rosehip oil
  3. a skin booster – you can use vitamin E capsules or vitamin c powder or simply aloe vera

Have fun experimenting but remember to store your face mist in the fridge and to use it up within a short amount of time (one or two weeks) if you don’t use any sort of preservative in it.

A little moisturizer + lots of sunscreen

Sun protection is key and no-one can argue about that. It has been proved that the sun can seriously damage the skin, and in some cases, it can even be responsible for some forms of cancers. But let’s not panic 🙂 Like almost every single thing in life, the sun has also a good side. It gives us and the planet life, it helps with our mental health and it is fundamental for the production of vitamin D. To enjoy the sun and to be safe at the same time, sunscreen is the answer. I have read a lot about sunscreen in the past years and my next blog post will be all about it!

But first things first: my summer beauty hacks of the day! In summer, layering your products can be exhausting. As the temperatures rise, you might feel discomfort if you have too many products on your face. My tip is to mix together your moisturiser and your sunscreen in order to “remove” one step. However, make sure to always apply a good amount of sunscreen. Talking ratios, it should be at least 3 or 4 times the quantity of your face cream. Let sink the mix for 20 minutes at least, before starting with your makeup routine. Use that time to practise some wellbeing morning routine steps or simply to have brekkie 🙂

What are your favorite summer beauty hacks for summer? Feel free to share your tips with me and the community in the comments here below! I cannot wait to read all about your summer beauty secrets!

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