FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Have Questions About Our Makeup Guide?

We have all the answers right here!

What is the Makeup Guide?

The Makeup Guide is an eBook that offers everything you need to learn about makeup essentials, then master 32 of the top looks!

The best part? The format makes learning about makeup simple and fun, so that you can follow the lessons and learn at a pace that is right for you.


What makes the Makeup Guide special?

What sets our guide apart is that our ebook is based on an easy-to-follow 8-Week Makeup Plan. Designed especially for those who are looking to find the right styles for their personality, it can be used by everybody!


Is the Makeup Guide for all levels?

Absolutely! Whether you are just starting out with makeup or have been making-up yourself and friends for years, you will find all the information in the eBook incredibly useful.

You don’t need any experience to get started, as we will walk you through all the makeup basics up to professional techniques, in a way that you can actually use!


Why should I get the Makeup Guide ebook today?

Because it’s the right blend of makeup tutorials, a beautiful layout and a fun way to become a home makeup pro!

You’ll open up endless possibilities to copy and create the right makeup looks for your personality, so you always look and feel great when you step out the door. Plus, your friends and family will love when you can bring out their beauty, too!


What is a Makeup Tracker Chart and how do I use it?

One special tool that we have developed to help you on your makeup journey is a set of Makeup Tracker Charts that allow you to take notes about each look.

This way you can remember exactly what you learned about each look, track your progress as you try different styles and remember which ones were right for you!


What format does the Makeup Guide come in?

The Makeup Guide eBook is available for both your computer and mobile devices (with specific formats for phones and tablets), so that you can learn no matter where you are.


Can I download the Makeup Guide right now?

Of course! The moment that you order your copy of the Makeup Guide, you can instantly download it on your computer, phone or tablet and get started in minutes!


Is ordering the Makeup Guide a one-time payment?

Yes! Once you place the order and make your payment, you have unlimited access to over 200 pages of the best makeup eBook online! The price of the Makeup Guide is listed in US$.