Is Makeup Planning The Next Big Thing?

Is makeup planning the next big thing?

You might have never heard of makeup planning, and rightfully so – it has only just landed!

“Makeup planning”? You might not have seen these two words together before, but the concept of “planning” has been around for quite some time now. In modern times where we are constantly confronted by information and visual or audio stimuli, planning is the perfect way to bring balance into many peoples’ lifestyles. Planning can also simply be a way to reach a goal, whatever that may be! As we know, with a good program management system, reaching an objective can be easier.

So besides fitness, meal and wardrobe planning, makeup planning is the newcomer in the industry, and I hope it is here to stay! The Makeup Plan is a makeup look library, a collection of day and night looks in one place. let’s see what it is all about!

How does a makeup plan work?

A makeup plan is simply a collection of looks organised by weeks (and corresponding styles) that can be executed in the provided order or, of course, as the user pleases. Every look offers a variation which shows how you can use other colors or insert other details to suit the look to your own unique taste.

As a makeup plan is not a strict program, the makeup tracker charts allow you to note down your progress so that you can always have a reference of what worked for you. In 8 weeks you should be able to recreate all the looks and maybe even learn something about yourself: what you like or dislike or learn what you thought you didn’t like you actually do!

Art in a box

The truth is that I had the idea to create a makeup up plan for the longest time but had no clue how to execute it. How can you capture all possible color and technique combinations and transform them into a service? The answer is that you cannot. First I had to come to terms with the fact that makeup is an art and that I would only be able to explore one aspect at a time. Then the makeup planning idea officially came to light and the structure of the book also fell smoothly into place.

The goal of a makeup plan

The question that you might have asked yourself is: why do I need a makeup plan when I already have other ways to experiment with makeup? Let me tell you about all the benefits that you can get 🙂

  • Makeup planning allows you to experiment with different techniques. By trying out new looks designed for both day and night, you can understand what works best for you. You might notice that you really love a certain look but prefer to do it when you have more time, while other looks are best for you from Monday through Friday.
  • You can find a new signature look or multiple looks to reinvent yourself! A makeup plan offers you the chance to step outside of the box without drastically changing your routine. It can mean something as simple as trying a new color combination.
  • It is the best tool if you are stuck in a makeup rut or have thought about how to spice things up.
  • Plus if you are anything like me and sometimes get overwhelmed by the amount of information on makeup available, always having a portable makeup library at your side is a relief! I no longer have to stress about what look to wear next time 😛

Why would you follow a makeup plan? Let me know in the comments below.

Discipline, kind of!

To reach a goal you need discipline, commitment and time, and I know this too well! But the beauty of makeup planning is that the goal you want to achieve can literally change every day according to the look you are going for. That is why you have your structure and trackers in a makeup plan but can still freestyle and follow it at your own pace. The variations are there so you can really make it your own.

As you might have gathered, the answer to the blog title is easy for me: makeup planning is the next big thing indeed! And I could not be more proud to have created the 8-week Makeup Plan. One face has infinite options: it is always you but different parts of you, and you can now experiment with them all in an easy and clear way. I hope you will love this new trend as much as I do! Enjoy 🙂

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  • Cathia Datil


    Le plan de maquillage me plait car je reprends gout à vouloir me remaquiller un peu plus que de mettre que du rouge à lèvres. Ayant perdu toutes les motions de maquillage quand j’étais jeune, je pense c’est une belle opportunité de me relancer.

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