My New Year’s Beauty Resolutions For 2020

My New Year’s Beauty Resolutions for 2020

The world consists of two types of people: those who take the beginning of a new year very seriously and those who don’t. I am the first kind as I can keep my promises. And not because I am a better person or whatever, I like to commit to a “challenge” and my boyfriend can vouch for me on this 🙂 I have already talked about my bullet journal new journey, but on this blog post I would like to focus on my new year’s beauty resolutions.

Spending less for makeup…

This is a journey that I have already started in 2019. I have been trying to use up my makeup, and even though I don’t have the biggest collection, I am struggling. It is incredible how much I have accumulated over the years. I am not committing to a project pan plan or anything, but in 2020 I will keep on using what I have instead of buying new things (well…there might be some exceptions :P). Most importantly, this small gesture should contribute to the “buy less but better” effort for a cleaner environment.

…and more for skin care

I have always been pretty thorough with my skin care. Especially with my morning and night routine. I have been using organic and natural products for the longest time (a topic for another blog post) and I always remove my makeup before going to bed. On the other hand, there is much more that can be done. Among my new year’s beauty resolutions, home facial rituals such as masks and massages are at the top of the list. I already own a Foreo Luna Mini and a Konjac sponge, but my goal is to research on natural products and new tools and to bring my skin care routine to the next level

Focus on the entire body

Not just the face but the body too! In other words, applying the “body is my temple” philosophy. I love yoga (and dance too!), but in the past year with the launch of this website, I have been super busy. As a result, my body care took a back seat. That is why, in 2020 I would like to focus on my fitness again. Even if I will not go the gym or take a yoga class, my promise is to do a 15 min workout routine at least three times a week at home. Wish me luck :p

The good habits

Truth to be told, this is a lifelong resolution 🙂 In December I have started with following a more regular sleep pattern, that is going to bed earlier and sleeping at least 8 hours. I have been eyeing up the miracle morning routine for quite some time and I would like to try it for at least a week. If I do so, I will be documenting it on my personal blog. Drinking more water and wearing a sunscreen, even when I am in the city, are two good habits that are always on my mind. Will 2020 be the year to put them into practise?

More beauty content

My new year’s beauty resolutions include something special…maybe start writing a new book… who knows 🙂 In the meantime, my biggest goal for this year is to keep on putting up quality content. I have been pretty consistent with my blog (and my new blog) and my Instagram account this year, but I have left aside my Youtube channel and Facebook page. To try and get things done, besides the miracle morning routine and the daily fitness routine, I want to try meditation. Do you have any tips on how to be productive?

Lip and eyelash care

As I say on my book, lip and eyelash care are as equally important as skin care but they are often neglected. It might seem pretty obvious but, more than once, I have forgotten something simple like carrying a lip balm in my purse. However, at night before bedtime, I always apply a lip moisturiser and you should too!

Eyelash care is the last thing we think about, as we often rely on fake lashes to have big doll eyes. Nevertheless, eyelashes deserve some love too. You can apply a eye-safe oil, like olive or coconut oil, on the tips of your lashes or you can use a growth serum. Just make sure to test the product first and to stop immediately if an irritation occurs.

To sum up, in 2020 I hope to continue following the path that I have embarked on in 2019. Launching my blogs have been a wonderful achievement. Something for my personal, and why not, also for my professional growth. I will try and focus on my whole wellbeing and push my limits to reach new objectives. What are your new year’s beauty resolutions for 2020?

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