Makeup Guide

8-week Makeup Plan
Find your perfect look in 8-weeks!

The Makeup Guide takes you from beginner to expert in just 8 weeks with the first-of-its-kind Makeup Plan!

What is the Makeup Plan?

The 8-week Makeup Plan is the perfect tool for your everyday makeup inspiration and routine.

The guide helps you bring your makeup skills to the next level with the brand new Makeup Plan and amazing tutorials for 32+ stunning looks.

The new, fresh and innovative way to empower your beauty!

What's inside the Guide?

200+ Stunning Pages

We inspire, motivate and educate with over 200 pages that help you bring your makeup skills to new heights.

8-week Makeup Plan

Every week, you will discover a new style. Try 8 makeup styles and their variations: smokey, halo, winged liner and more!

32 Beautiful Looks

Experiment with 32 step-by-step pictorial looks to find out what suits best for your personal style!

Makeup Tips

Learn all the makeup tips and tricks in a clear, easy-to-understand format!

Base, Eyes & Lips

All your makeup needs are covered in one place: choose the topic you want to explore and discover all its secrets.

Make Any Look Your Own

The guide teaches you a wide range of techniques, you can customize the looks to fit you and your friends.

Makeup Tracker Charts

We keep you on the journey to a new makeup experience with Tracker Charts that let you follow the program at a pace that works for you!

For mobile phones, tablets & printing

Bring the eBook anywhere you go with ad hoc versions for both smartphones and tablets, making the best out of any reading experience.

You can also print the high resolution file and create your own hardcover version.

Best value for money!

Get the first-of-its-kind Makeup Guide for only $39 and start your beauty journey from the comfort of your home!

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Hands down best makeup ebook ever ❤️💄💋I absolutely love 💖 it

Marie Bird

I love her make up guide. Beautifully put together and has helped build my confidence with applying my eye make up. I am looking forward to experimenting more.

Christina Campbell

I have a lot of makeup materials even paid hundreds for courses that had much less usefull info than this guide! 2thumps up, 5 stars!

Kimberley Boucher

I bought this last night and I love it!! Lots of useful information and very pretty layout. Fun to read. I hope you will do a part 2 😀

Nicole Heine

To be honest at first I had second thoughts about purchasing this book. But I am So GLAD that I did because just few pages into this book I had learnt so many tips and tricks and also I can read it anytime and anywhere

Asare Acheae

All my makeup looks in one place?! I was sold immediately! :) ... you can basically redo every look with any colore¦ so you have an infinite amount of looks all in one place! Sold, sold, sold!

Carlotta Venier

This guide saves me so much time! I used to spend a lot of time on YouTube but sometimes wished I had all the information in one place… Thank you!


I received your makeup book and i just love it!!!!!! I can´t wait to dig into all the information and put it into action. I think the book is so beautiful too!


Got my copy and love it it´s such an easy read


I recently bought LipstickSmoothie's Makeup guide and I am totally in love. For someone who is pretty much a beginner in the world of makeup I believe it has and will continue to help me a lot ❤

About the author

Hello makeup lovers! I’m Carolina, the founder of LipstickSmoothie and creator of The Makeup Guide.

My passion for makeup started many years ago and has kept on growing over the years! After a while I realized that I spent hours online trying to find the information that I needed. This gave me the idea to create the Makeup Guide: a one-stop platform for the everyday makeup routine. It took me two years to write the guide and I couldn’t be more proud of all the work I have put into it. 😊

Start the Makeup Plan today!

✔️Exclusive 8-week Makeup Plan
✔️200+ pages expertly designed
✔️32+ beautiful makeup looks
✔️7-day free trial online course
✔️No monthly fees
✔️No extra costs

Makeup Guide: The 8-week Makeup Plan (eBook)
Regular price $39.00

Finally all the answers to your MAKEUP questions! This STEP BY STEP Makeup Guide will save you so much time and will help you find your perfect look. 🎉

The LipstickSmoothie Makeup Guide is your one-stop-shop for your makeup routine:

✓8-week Makeup Plan 🦋
✓32+ step by step makeup looks 💄
✓200+ beautiful pages 📖
✓Makeup Tracker Charts 📝
✓for makeup beginners & pros 🤓
✓suitable for everyone 🌎

Think of it as your own cook book for makeup. Join our safe space and discover your personal signature looks with the LipstickSmoothie Makeup Guide!

210 pages

Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese (BR)